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ACH-Echeck FAQs

ACH-Echeck enables your business to electronically accept check information via web, telephone and back office. Through one of these three options, you can accept check payments without a check image and receive an ACH electronic funds credit within 24 to 48 hours after the transaction.

What platforms are supported?

Converge API/UI, Fusebox, Payment Navigator, Direct Certification, and a Host-Based Solution.

How can customers accept recurring or single ACH-Echeck payments? (Debit model only)
  • WEB: Payments based on a payer’
    s input of account
    information on a payment website.
  • TEL: Payment made over the phone with payer’ authorization.
  • PPD:Payment made from a payer based on a written authorization.
  • CCD: Payment between businesses that transfers funds based on a trade agreement.
What delivery options are available?

Converge API/UI, Online processing when certified to Elavon’s ISO 8583 or Encompass 4 (v 4010 or above) specifications, or batch processing when certified to ECS batch file specifications.

What are the Risk Service Levels?
  • ACH transactions are screened up-front for accurate ABA and bank routing number entry
  • Conversion with Verification : Using a negative risk management database, payments are verified based on probability of payment.
  • Conversion Only :  No risk assessment, just conversion of check to transaction.
Can I have tokenization or P2P encryption on ACH-Echeck transactions?

It is not currently supported with ACH-Echeck.

Are both credit and debit transaction types supported?

Elavon only supports debit transactions, which can be used for both single and recurring payments.

Can you cancel or refund a transaction?

While voids/reversals can be ma transaction until 5 p.m. ET of the same day, refund credits are not currently supported.

What reporting tools are available?

Activity is reported on Payme Core 365, which will follow transaction activity thru the processing cycle with the bank information provided.

When are funds made available?

ACH-Echeck transactions are funded as quickly as credit or debit transactions, which means next day in most cases.

What merchant types are considered for ACH-Echeck?

Refer to the ACH-Echeck Guideline document located on TLC. All ACH-Echeck enrollment requests will follow the standard underwriting and boarding process. The account and the MCC associated with it will then be screened through the system to determine the business ACH-Echeck accep tance..

Are convenience and service fees an option for ACH-Echeck transactions?

Yes. Convenience fees must be the same for all transaction types: credit, debit or ACH-Echeck, and across all payment channels (mail, phone, internet, in-person). Service fees may be charged by qualified government and education verticals. Customer must be certified to specifications through a third-party system or plan to use U.S. Bank E-payments service. Convenience and service fees are available through Paycentric and other integrated partners. Surcharge and Convenience fees will be available through Converge starting in July of 2020.