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Fast Track Funding FAQs

What is Fast Track Funding?

Fast Track Funding is a funding pipeline for batches submitted overnight after the 10 p.m. ET cutoff window for traditional funding cycles. Now, with Fast Track Funding, customers’ funds can be expedited and made available one full business day sooner.

Who is eligible for Fast Track Funding?

Every customer is eligible for Fast Track Funding, but U.S. Bank and Partner Bank deposit account customers already have access to the fastest funding possible. Customers who bank with third-party banks, or havedeposit accounts at banks different from their portfolio bank, currently may wait one to two business days to access the money in their accounts. Fast Track Funding speeds up the funding process and enables these third-party banking customers to access their money one business day sooner.

Is there a cost for Fast Track Funding?

Yes. For a monthly fee, customers can submit their batch before 6 a.m. ET each day and receive their funds by 5 p.m. local time

How does Fast Track Funding improve what our third-party customers have today?

The normal funding process goes from customer to us, us to the Federal Reserve, and then finally to the customer’s bank. Bank hours and posting times cause delays in when our customers receive their money. Fast Track Funding works by following the NACHA rules that eliminate the posting delays and mandate that funds submitted via Fast Track Funding must be in the customer’s
account by 5 p.m. local time of the same day.

Do our customers actually have access to money, or do they only see that it is coming?

Fast Track Funding rules require that funds are made immediately available in our customers’ accounts. This is not just a posting to the customer’s account, but real, ready-to-use funds that can be relied upon to maintain cash flow management.

What are the batch submission requirements for customers using Fast Track Funding?

Customers must submit a batch before 6 a.m. ET to receive funding by 5 p.m. local time of the same day. The value of the transactions in the batch can total up to $100,000. If the batch exceeds this amount, it will be processed via the normal funding process and funds will not be available until one or two business days later.