Save Big on High Volume Transactions

Level Up with Level III Processing

Reduce your interchange fees on qualifying transactions with Level III on Converge 

Converge makes it easy to capitalize on the Level III interchange reduction program that Visa ® and Mastercard ® offer B2B and B2G businesses. These businesses use Converge’s intuitive Product Catalog and checkout screen to provide the necessary line item detail that both card brands require. At checkout, Converge will alert you if a specific field is missing so you don’t miss out on the Level III rate. With Converge, everything’s built in. Simply accept payments as normal. You see the savings instantly.

Benefits of Level III Payments on Converge

Ring up transactions quickly and accurately every time. Converge captures the required details for Level III interchange rate.
Don’t ask for payment data twice. With Converge, card info can be tokenized and stored with a customer profile.

Aside from saving on interchange rates, Converge offers multiple payment acceptance options – online, check, phone, and on-the-go.

What is Captured in a Level III Transaction?

Level III requires all items on the table to be captured.

Pay Less in Interchange Fees with Level III

 your business could be paying hundreds of dollars more in interchange if you didn’t have the capability to process Level III transactions. These savings add up over time and can be a great benefit to your business in the long run.