Safe-t Solo

Nothing to Find, Nothing to Steal

Smart Security for Smart Businesses

Savvy business owners understand the importance of
protecting the physical business from fire and theft –
but what about from a data breach?
When compared to financial, educational, government and healthcare organizations, small retail businesses experienced 46% of the breaches that occurred in 2018. 1 It’s now more important than ever to adopt the right security measures to protect your business from a costly card data breach.
On Time Solution’s Safe-T Solo features a one-two punch: it secures transactions to protect your business and your customers’ payment data. It also includes PCI+ protection to save you valuable time and effort to establish compliance with the PCI DSS standard in staying compliant with payment regulations.


Protecting your transactions

Protecting your payment data from your place to ours

Sensitive payment data not protected by encryption is extremely vulnerable to hackers that can intercept while it travels to and from your business.
Encryption scrambles the payment card data at the point of entry (EMV/chip, swipe, key-entered, and contactless)

Replace sensitive payment data with unique Token ID

Our tokenization service is seamless to your current business processes and allows you to perform follow up transactions (i.e. voids and adjustments) the same way you do today. After authorization, a unique token ID is returned to your terminal, replacing sensitive payment data. This token ID is useless to thieves in the event of a data breach, and can’t be used for fraudulent purposes.

Enjoy peace of mind with card data breach assistance

On Time Solutions understands the importance of protecting your business and its bottom line. We offer your business peace of mind with up to $250,000 (USD) in financial assistance to cover card network fines, fees or assessments in the event payment card data is ever compromised while using Safe-T Solo. 2

Protecting your customers data at every point