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Smart Security for Smart Businesses

Savvy business owners understand the importance of protecting the physical business from fire and theft – but what about from a data breach? And with 80% of card data compromises taking place in small businesses

it’s now more important than ever to adopt the right security response to protect your business from a costly payment card data breach.

Elavon provides you with a one-two punch: a solution that’s both easy to implement and saves valuable time on burdensome PCI-DSS compliance processes.

Protect Your Business With Safe-T


Payment Encryption


Payment Tokenization


PCI-DSS Compliance


Data Breach Protection


Protecting your transactions

Protecting your payment data from your place to ours

Sensitive payment data not protected by encryption is extremely vulnerable to hackers that can intercept while it travels to and from your business.
Encryption scrambles the payment card data at the point of entry (EMV/chip, swipe, key-entered, and contactless) and serves as the first layer of data security.

Replace sensitive payment data with unique Token ID

Our tokenization service is seamless to your current business processes and allows you to perform follow up transactions (i.e. voids and adjustments) the same way you do today. After authorization, a unique token ID is returned to your terminal, replacing sensitive payment data. This token ID is useless to thieves in the event of a data breach, and can’t be used for fraudulent purposes.

Reduce the burdens associated with pci-dss compliance

Pci-dss compliance is a requirement established by the card brands to ensure businesses are proactive in securing sensitive payment card data.
Depending on your business environment and the security solution you use, completing your annual questionnaire can be a burdensome process.
Our pci program has useful tools, and reduces the time spent confirming compliance with the use of pre-filled questions in the self-assessment questionnaire (saq) when paired with safe-t.

Added peace of mind with card data breach reimbursement

Elavon understands the importance of protecting your business and its bottom line. Our Safe-T Security Solutions offers your business peace of mind with the protection of up to $250,000 in financial reimbursement 3 in the event payment card data is ever compromised while using Safe-T
Security Solutions.

Protecting your customers data at every point